By on 18. September 2017

Paul Manwaring’s experience in Bethel (Global Legacy, LDP and Senior Team) and his ability to marry the strategic and supernatural are the foundation for this Revival Leadership School.

The Revival Leadership School has two major components:

  1. Live-Schools
  2. On line-Curriculum

Participating in the Live-Schools is not obligatory to subscribe for the Online-Curriculum, neither is subscribing for the Online-Curriculum mandatory to participate in any of the Live-Schools.

The program will be built around Leadership, Culture, The Supernatural, Organization, Strategy & Heaven’s Relational Government.

Especially during our live schools we will take time to build relationships especially with others in the same locality. We will learn together, eat together, worship together, plan together and as we build momentum we will hear each others reports of growth, breakthrough and transformation.

Whole Team Approach

The live and online schools are designed for the whole leadership team. Paul’s teaching will equip and encourage teams in organizations especially helping with structure, strategy and planning.